Deep diving into bathroom cleaning is not for the faint of heart. It is a task that requires a sense of humor and the ability to hold your breath for long periods of time. It’s like being an archaeologist, but instead of uncovering ancient artifacts, you’re uncovering layers of built-up grime. And just when you think you’ve reached the end, you find a new layer of dirt to excavate!

Warning! Proceed on an empty stomach, and don’t forget your gloves when cleaning! LOL

Believe it or not, the toilet isn’t the dirtiest place in the bathroom, although it starts as the main attractor for diseases. So, what is the dirtiest thing in the bathroom? The toilet brush! Check out tip number one for ways to combat the disgusting toilet brush. 

So.. Today we want to give our Clean Freak Family Pro Tips on… How to Take Bathroom Cleaning Up A Notch!

1. Air Dry Your Toilet Brush!

Avoid a funky-smelling toilet brush by letting it dry after use. Often the tools we use to clean, are far dirtier than we realize. That is especially true of the tool we are using to clean the inside of the toilet bowl. A nasty build-up can occur on your scrub brush if not dried properly. This can result in a smell that spreads throughout your bathroom.

The easiest way to air dry your toilet scrubber is to place the long handle on the inside of the bowl after use. The toilet seat will hold the brush in place. Just be sure it’s not touching the water! Doing this after you clean the toilet entirely is an easy way to ensure your cleaning tool is not a breeding ground for moisture-loving bacteria. Meaning it can be more useful for you in the future. It also can grant you security in knowing your bathroom has fewer hidden germs and bacteria than before.

You can also leave the brush out to dry on a clean rag or paper towel. But this adds an extra step of either washing the rag or throwing the paper towels away. Plus, it means your germ-loaded toilet brush could spread its unsavoriness to other parts of your house. So, it’s safest to just pinch the brush between the bowl and lid!

2. Get Rid of Streaky Mirrors!

Ever finish cleaning a mirror and get frustrated by the steaks left behind by your cleaner? It can feel like you haven’t made any ground in the cleaning process at all. But thankfully, it’s an easy fix! Use this tip to enjoy the satisfying feeling of a job well done.

Just take a microfiber cloth and wipe down the mirror after your initial cleaning. This will remove any leftover streaks. The soft microfiber cloth will pick up what your other clean cloth left behind. It can buff out all those tiny imperfections that the first clean might have missed as well as remove any leftover water spots. Microfiber towels are a personal favorite cleaning tool of mine; they can be used in many different areas of the home. They are perfect to have in your lineup of bathroom cleaning products.

3. Prevent Mold Build Up

Ever noticed a pink hue or streaks in your bathtub, shower, or on your shower curtain? That’s actually a nasty pink mold build-up. You can easily prevent that. Just pull out the shower curtain to dry after each use. This way, you don’t have to devote time to giving it a good scrub. Just let it dry out on its own and it’s one less thing for you to worry about!

Opening windows in your bathroom after a shower also helps prevents mold. Airing out your bathroom can reduce mildew buildup on shower walls and help stop mold from forming in the little nooks and crannies of the room. Getting rid of mold once it has formed is a whole other beast. Best to just take small steps to dodge the situation entirely. Especially since all it takes is the simple movement of pulling the shower curtain out.

There you have it! Three ways to boost the cleanliness of your bathroom! All these tips are easy to implement in your cleaning routine! 

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