Today we are talking about 4 Strange Cleaning Tips That Actually Work

We’re always looking for new cleaning hacks and techniques that we can implement in our cleaning toolbox. More often than not, though, supposedly great cleaning hacks and tips turn out to be nothing more than a captivating video with poor results. It got us thinking, what are some cleaning “hacks” or tips that I use in my normal workflow that actually work? At the end of the day we all want to solve problems using interesting solutions, but if it doesn’t get the job done what’s the point? Today we’re here to share with you four cleaning tips that are definitely not ordinary, but work better than you can imagine and truly get the job done. Who knew cleaning with a lava rock could be so effective??

Tip #1 – Use a Rock to Clean

We know what you’re thinking, how could I possibly use a rock for cleaning? Let us introduce you to our friend, The Pumice Stone. A pumice stone is a volcanic rock forming when lava suddenly cools during an eruption. Sounds cool, right?

It certainly is! A pumice stone works great for a few different aspects of cleaning. Because it is indeed a rock, it is abrasive, meaning it works great for scrubbing away grime and dirt. For instance, we love using it on hard water rings in toilets. We take our pumice stone, dip it in water, and scrub away at the stain. Using your pumice stone wet is essential – you can scratch your surface if you use it dry – it is a rock after all. In no time flat, though, that hard water stain will be a thing of the past. You can also use your pumice stone for baked-on grime in your oven as well.

You can even use your pumice stone to remove pet hair! Take your pumice stone (dry this time) and gently move it across the surface of your furniture. It will lift and attract all unwanted pet hair from the surface of your sofas, carpets, and upholstery. If you’re worried that the pumice stone will be too hard on your furniture, let me introduce you to tip number two…

Tip #2 – Rubber Spatula to Clean Up Pet Hair

Yes, a rubber spatula works so well to remove pet hair from surfaces. We often refer to the rubber spatula as the “Pet Remover 5000”. Rubber attracts the hair right out of your cloth furniture, carpets, and chairs. Slowly scrape the surface of the piece of furniture/carpet you’re trying to remove hair from and in no time flat you’ll have removed the pet hair from it!

We already know what you’re thinking. Brandon, I am not using the kitchen spatula that I cook with to remove pet hair from my things, that’s gross. If you’re thinking that, no worries – we got you! There are a few dedicated tools that work exactly like a rubber spatula. I like to use a Lilly Brush – it works great and is small enough to keep a few around the house, especially where your pet friends most often lay down.

Tip #3 – Vinegar is a Great Furniture Deodorizer

Vinegar! That’s right, vinegar. It’s not just for cooking and pickling, you know. It’s also a great deodorizer. And let’s be honest, since we all snack and hang out on the sofa a lot, sometimes our favorite spots get a little stinky. But, how do we use vinegar to deodorize the sofa?

First, we suggest cleaning the entire sofa. Sometimes this will take care of the odor in itself. If the odor persists after cleaning…spray some vinegar on the cushion and then place the cushions in a garbage bag. After that, we vacuum seal the bag and suck all the air out. This will help the vinegar soak into the cushions and deodorize them. We leave the bag sealed for a few hours, then open it up and let the cushions air dry in the sun.

And voila! Our sofa will smell fresh and clean again. Also – there is no need to worry about your sofa smelling like vinegar. The vinegar smell completely dissipates and goes away after it deodorizes your sofa.

Tip #4 – Use a Pillowcase to Dust your Fan Blade

This is one of our family’s favorite hacks.

This humble piece of bedding can work wonders in getting rid of the pesky dust on your fan blades. Just slip the pillowcase over the blade, give it a good wipe, and watch all the dirt disappear like magic. And the best part? The dust stays inside the pillowcase, so you won’t have to deal with a big mess. Simply go outside, shake out your pillowcase, and throw it in the wash the next time you’re doing laundry!

There you have it! A few of the strange, but effective, cleaning hacks that we use on a regular basis.

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