We all know that cleaning is one of the best ways to start the year! But even as Clean Freaks, sometimes we all need a little motivation to get started.

Everyone likes to have fun! So today we are going to share 5 great tips to get you motivated and make cleaning fun for you and the family! With a little creativity and positive thinking, cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore!

Here are 5 Tips to get the Cleaning Party Started!

1. Find an Easy Win!

Clean something small, quick and easy! Sometimes it’s that little win that can get you started and motivated to take on the bigger cleaning tasks!

Clean the sink; Dust the nightstand; Wipe the bathroom mirror; Clean that little thing that you have been meaning to get to!

2. Make it a Game

Everyone loves games!

Try setting a timer and seeing how much you can clean in 15 minutes. You can also make a competition out of it and see who can clean the most in a set amount of time or each one take a side of the room and meet in the middle. Be creative and most importantly, Have Fun!

3. Get the Whole Family Involved

Let’s be honest- It can be a real challenge at times to get the kids to clean. While they may spend hours working on and cleaning up on Roblox and Minecraft- Real life… not so much.

As long as you are turning cleaning into a game- Let the kids get in on the game too!

Draw tasks from a hat and assign each person or make teams. See who can finish their tasks the fastest. 

Let Mom and Dad clean something and let the kids decide who wins! (Then it’s Mom and Dad’s turn!)

4. Play Some Music!

So what kind of music do you like? What kind of music motivates you to clean? Pop, Country, Rock? … Gregorian Chants? Didgeridoo Folktronica? Whatever your groove- Get up and move! Music can help set the mood and make cleaning feel more like a dance party than a chore.

We NEED Your Help!

Would you like to help us build our Clean Freak Weekly Playlist?

Email us your Top 5 Absolute Cleaning Songs! We would love to hear what music motivates you to clean! Email us at: questions@cleanfreakweekly.com

5 Reward Yourself!

This is our favorite tip! Did someone say Treats? Set small goals for yourself as you clean and reward yourself when you reach them. This could be something as simple as taking a break to enjoy a snack or watching an episode of your favorite show.

How about rewarding yourself with a brand new Cleaning Tool!?!

Make cleaning more fun and save time too with these special ‘Reward’ ideas:

So there you have it! With these tips, cleaning can become a fun and enjoyable activity for everyone. So next time you have to tidy up your space, put on some music, invite some friends, and make it a Party!

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