Let’s Be Real. Cleaning glass cooktops and stovetops is a PAIN.

I’m going to share with you the secret to getting your cooktop clean like a pro so you can always have a clean surface to cook on!

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1. Degrease Degrease Degrease!

I always start out by using a simple degreaser that can attack the first layer of baked on grease. My go to for this is usually Dawn Power Wash. This does a great job at attacking that initial layer of gunk that has built up on the cooktop. Plus, it smells great too! If you don’t have Dawn Power Wash, that’s okay, you can just use regular Dawn Dish Soap and it can do the trick.

Pro Tip: Use the Right Tool!

I really like using a Scour Daddy from Scrub Daddy. They do a great job working with your degreaser and are abrasive enough to cut through food build up but still fragile enough to not scratch your beautiful cooktops.

2. Barkeeper’s Friend is Your Best Friend

Next up, use Barkeeper’s Friend Cooktop Cleaner. This product is magical. It does an amazing job on keying in on and focusing on those spots that don’t want to come off with just a dish soap degreaser.

Put a generous amount on the cooktop, especially on the cooking burners themselves and scrub again with your scour daddy. You will see great results immediately. After doing this, you will probably be all done.

But, what if you have tough grease spots that won’t come up after scrubbing?

3. Use a Razor Blade Scraper…CAREFULLY

Yes, it’s okay to use a razor blade scraper on your cooktops. BUT, you have to be very careful when doing so. I have a few tips for you that will make this as simple and easy as possible.

– ALWAYS use your razor blade scraper when the surface is lubricated. Never attack the surface while it’s dry – this will lead to scratches in your cooktop. I like to use the Barkeeper’s Friend Cooktop cleaner along with my scraper to prevent damage.

– Use a new scraper when doing cooktops. I know it’s tempting to use a scraper that’s been on the razor blade for a long time because it’s already attached. If you do that, though, there is a great chance that any build up on the razor blade itself will scratch the surface while you’re trying to clean it. Always attach a new razor blade.

– Finally, let the blade do the work. You don’t have to scrape very hard. If you are using a new blade it will have more than enough power to attack and scrape off the dirt/grime from the surface. If you are gentle you will prevent gashing the cooktop.


You CAN clean your glass cooktops. Don’t overcomplicate it and keep it simple. Use the right tools and right cleaners and your glass cooktops will be clean and ready to go for years of cooking to come!

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